Escalation League delivery day 500 points

So Saturday was the delivery day for our first ~500 points for our Escalation League. And I played my first game against another Free People army.. well a few models.

Here is my Army that I entered, where the normal troops are mostly “battleready” painted. I will go back to them to add the highlights.


See more details per unit next

So My General and Bright Battlemage past the revue before so here is one recurring shot of them both.

My honourable bodyguard, the Greatswords

Then my hardened guard armed with swords

And my ranged squad, the Crossbowmen

So my opponent had a small Free People army “lined” up against me, a Battlemage on Griffon and a unit of 3 Demigryph Knights coming in at 480 points, versus my 540 points.

They totally wrecked my Greatswords in 2 combat rounds, DK’s then rampaged through my Crossbowmen. Yes I forgot to shoot on a charge when my Greatswords got attacked and yes I forgot to counter charge my Guard in as well.. That could have swayed the whole game there and then. But all was not lost yet, I managed to kill the Demigryph Knights with my guard aided by the General and if the dice gods where good to me I would have ended the Battlemage on the Griffon as well, but alas. In the end it had 6 wounds left and only my Battlemage was there.. All hope was on a good Fireball. (he failed Mystical shield, did 1 damage with the Fireball, failed another fireball) and yes I rolled a double 1!.. So suicide run into the Griffon then (all or nothing) I hit with the staff and did D3 damage! Woo.. a 1  and then he got hit back hard.. All in all a fun game though!

Next up on the Escalation League up to 750 points I’m going to reinforce my guard up to 20 and adding a Witch Hunter.. Leaving enough points for the third part for a nice surprise.


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