Regular update: Mid September

Well as every year my hope on getting on with the hobby during summer recess of the kids and our own holiday was once again into the trash-bin. But normal live has started again and so my hobby progress has as well. I didn’t have big goals set in the last regular update, but even that was not doable. But let’s see what did.

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Regular update: End of July

Well folks its a really dry and hot days these past weeks in these parts of Europe but I managed to get some work done on my models and I got my first game of AoS2.

Read on..

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Regular update: Start of July

So a little bit more stuff to talk about in this update. As I have been busy with the hobby on several levels.

I’m really hyped about the new Age of Sigmar release, also known as AoS2. There are more new models for my Stormcast with the Sacrosanct chamber and they look ace, and yes I missed the Vanguard models a bit in my collection but I’ll try and revisit to that chamber if funds allow.

So what happened these last 2 weeks? Read on..

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Battlereport: T’au versus Imperial Knights

A promised battlereport is here, I played this one on the 23rd of June in between the pre-order day and the collection day for AoS’s Soul Wars in my ‘local’ GW shop Groningen! And the next week going again to my grab my Battletome Stormcast Eternals. Madness!! Before I wasn’t there since end of December! Anyway.. 40k and battlereport. This one is played versus my good mate Erwin that wanted to try out his Knights in a small 1500 point battle (even though he forgot to meet at that pointsvalue). No new Knights in it yet but playing with it’s new Codex. As this will yet again be a write up for the ATT’s Wurrshuv’s campaign I will yet again rename the opposition Knights in the report to Ork equivalents (renames after the armylist entries). So read on!

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T’au vs T’au (Battlereport)

Another small battlereport, now from my local gaming club playing versus another T’au player played on the 5th of June. As this ‘needs’ to be also a write up towards the Wurrshuv’s campaign I will fake this one as a T’au versus Ork write up. This on s a 1250 points battle where my opponent wanted to practice for an upcoming tournament. Maelstrom mission: Recon / Hammer and Anvil deployment.

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