Update: Mid of June

And here is another small update! Done just in time for the practice game Tuesday and the “demo” game I had yesterday (Thursday) evening, but now also in digital form!

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Update: Begin of June

Seems I got my hobby mojo going, even though I had to do some hefty lifting for a garden these past 2-3 weeks and was worried about my arm strength, but taking enough rest made me still be able to do some work in between! And it paid off this weekend.

So read on to see what!

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Update: Start of May

As you may noticed I left out the Regular part in the title. I’m not sure if I’m willing to do any regular updates anymore, I think it’s better to just go with the flow anytime I got something interesting to let you guys (and girls?) know about my hobby or games.

So it’s been a while and I have been working on a few little things now and I got something to show for it as well! Please continue to read up on them.

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Regular update: Mid February

Well I do have a little something for this update. Maybe a bit more depending on what I can still accomplish this evening as I’m writing this up in sub-assemblies hahaha to save some time.

So read on..

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Regular update: Start of February

Due to some personal stuff coming up and most important factor the introduction of a Nintendo Switch I haven’t done any hobby related stuff at all. This week I’ll force myself back into it again as I have explored the novelty of the Switch now so getting back into the routine will be good.

But due to this I’m skipping this regular update and will be back to you all in 2 weeks time again. If not call for help to get me off the Switch.