Regular update: Almost mid November

Hello again for another update and I’m pretty happy with how I managed my goals set from last update.

With a finished goal I can now also make a group shot of one of my army components I’m working towards.

So hurry up and read on! 🙂

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Regular update: End of October

Not big on pictures this time, but I do have some progress updates.

And a little extra I want to show off. So please click on to read more

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Regular update: Mid October

Ah yes! Time for another update. And we got some news here for you guys (and possibly girls). I made most of my goals from last time and I got something shiny new to start on! And I got a little game played on which I can give a few words on.

So please read on..

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Regular update: Start of October

Well here we are again and I got some pictures to show also. I think I did reasonably well on my target that I set last regular update and I hope to continue this pace.

Well let’s get too it then, so read on…

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Regular update: Mid September

Well as every year my hope on getting on with the hobby during summer recess of the kids and our own holiday was once again into the trash-bin. But normal live has started again and so my hobby progress has as well. I didn’t have big goals set in the last regular update, but even that was not doable. But let’s see what did.

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Regular update: Start of July

So a little bit more stuff to talk about in this update. As I have been busy with the hobby on several levels.

I’m really hyped about the new Age of Sigmar release, also known as AoS2. There are more new models for my Stormcast with the Sacrosanct chamber and they look ace, and yes I missed the Vanguard models a bit in my collection but I’ll try and revisit to that chamber if funds allow.

So what happened these last 2 weeks? Read on..

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