Update: End of September ’20

Yet another month has flown by and usually that means that you had a good month doing something that made the time going faster then you imagined. This month was a very good hobby month for me.

Want to see what I managed to do? Well read on then..

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Update: End of August ’20

Another month has past, a month in which I had my holiday, so apart from reading in that week not much else was done on the hobby. But I did made my daughter happy with 2 more units battle-ready. So let’s read on to the next short update.

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Update: End of July ’20

So in the end this month became a building month and build I did! Unfortunatly my painting did not get completed, but did loads of work so I should be set for coming month!
So let’s see what I have been up to!

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Update: End of June ’20

A very fruitful month of doing hobby! And I have been very pleased with how it went! I got loads of stuff done and even more then what I had planned to do.

So why not dive right into it and see what I have concocted 🙂

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Update: End of April ’20

So this would be my final update on where I would proclaim the end of finishing my 2k T’au army as I would have gone to the Eurobash. But alas, due to all these (semi-)lockdowns that didn’t go as planned. As the Eurobash got canceled to further notice, my whole push for the T’au completion went down the gutter as well. But my hobby bug didn’t so please read on to see what has happened this past month!

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Update: End of March ’20

It has been a strange month with al the things that are now going on with this Virus thing. I hope you all are safe and healthy and are keeping to the set guidelines your government has set to follow.

Now I thought that with this semi-lock down we have here in the Netherlands that I would have a bit more time for my hobby. But still working full time (36 hours) only now from home and with the kids at home trying to get educated online with tasks now, and somehow this whole thing messes a bit with my internal schedule or something as I have been struggling to get even my normal painting hours in.

Still I did manage to get some stuff done this month. Read on..

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Update: End of February ’20

So I had a lot of stuff this past month I wanted to complete. Maybe you feel already where this is heading. Well some how my hobby time planning got interfered with by several other real life implications. Bu I did manage to get at least 1 item on my list complete! And at least I’m happy about some progress I made on the other items. So please read on on to get this months full story (albeit a bit short)

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Update: Start of 2020, end of January ’20

Here is another update, but let me start to wish everyone a very good an hobby-joyous 2020. For me it was a relatively good start in the hobby and I managed to do almost do all my goals for this month and some other stuff on the side also!

Please read on to see what was managed!

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Update: End of December

Hello all, here is another update on my hobby progress.
Now I named this end of December but I’ll show you guys what I have been working on not only in December but also some projects from before that are now more or less on temporary hold.

But fear not I did manage to fully complete something!

So please read on..

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