Regular update: Start of Januari

Well that was it then..

I never ever going to commit to anything substantial again during festive days and or school holidays!!! I don’t get anything done LOL! Hahaha. oh well..

So sorry for another small update this time, but this evening does mean the turn around to get started up again.

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Regular update: End of December

Just a small update during the Christmas festivities, so not much time for me now. Besides you guys should not be reading this anyway right now as you are supposed to be with family and/or friends having a great time!

So read on with the small update I got..

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Battlereport: T’au vs Emperor’s Children

So I promised a battle report, I’m not going to divulge in the lists as this was a battle more on the casual side. It was the first time playing against Emperor’s Children and it was nice to play against an army that you don’t see that often.

So let’s read on..

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Regular update: mid December

So this is my next update already and let’s see.. 10 December, this will be the second-last regular update post of this year. It has been a great year hobby-wise for me already with some ups and downs. But let’s see what we can still rack up this year with an upcoming holiday with some extra days also! But what about last 2 weeks? Read on..

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Regular update: End of November

So it’s time for another update. I can be very short unfortunately as I had some days where some personal issues arose and had that needed some time. Besides the Sinterklaas obligations we had going, which was also the reason I could not attend the competition I wanted my fire-warriors to enter in.

I did manage to nearly complete my fire-warriors and I hope to be able to finish them soon. All other goals didn’t had any time spend on them.

So I hope to have better tidings next update and maybe a battle-report in between with my T’au as I got myself a game lined up. Now just to take enough pictures and notes 🙂

As for the goals they will stay the same and re-posted here again:

  • Finish 5 Fire-warriors
  • Remark some more models (mostly still drones)
  • Do more work on my Coldstar Commander
  • Martian Ironearth base test for a Salamander Tactical Marine

Tau’va and be a hobby maniac!

Regular update: Almost mid November

Hello again for another update and I’m pretty happy with how I managed my goals set from last update.

With a finished goal I can now also make a group shot of one of my army components I’m working towards.

So hurry up and read on! 🙂

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Regular update: End of October

Not big on pictures this time, but I do have some progress updates.

And a little extra I want to show off. So please click on to read more

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