Regular update: Mid of Januari

So again a small type up of my progress.. Lots has been done just nothing worth giving real attention, but did promise a few pictures of the Salamander bases.

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Regular update: Start of Januari

Well that was it then..

I never ever going to commit to anything substantial again during festive days and or school holidays!!! I don’t get anything done LOL! Hahaha. oh well..

So sorry for another small update this time, but this evening does mean the turn around to get started up again.

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Regular update: End of October

Not big on pictures this time, but I do have some progress updates.

And a little extra I want to show off. So please click on to read more

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Failed goals, but with multiple good excuses! :)

Well what did you fail then you might ask, so here is a recap of my goals from last week:
– Prime: Gun Drones, Pathfinder group and their drones, Ethereal.
– Doing some work on 4 Shield Drones.
– Doing some work on my Crisis suits.

Read on to find out what I failed at…

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A Cadre Fireblade and what’s up next!

So here we have another HQ addition to my T’au Empire, the Cadre Fireblade. He will support my Fire Warrior Strike Teams or Gun Drones with extra shots at half range and with a (mostly) guaranteed Markerlight.

Also a little update on what has been going on these past 2 weeks and a shot on how far my daughter got on with her painting.

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Drones! And a start with Space Marines.

So here we are again! Yes I can speak in the we form today as this post will be a joint update.

First I’ll show you a little update on my progress and then I’ll talk a bit on how my daughter dipped into the 41st millennium!

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