Regular update: End of July

Well folks its a really dry and hot days these past weeks in these parts of Europe but I managed to get some work done on my models and I got my first game of AoS2.

Read on..

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Regular update: Start of July

So a little bit more stuff to talk about in this update. As I have been busy with the hobby on several levels.

I’m really hyped about the new Age of Sigmar release, also known as AoS2. There are more new models for my Stormcast with the Sacrosanct chamber and they look ace, and yes I missed the Vanguard models a bit in my collection but I’ll try and revisit to that chamber if funds allow.

So what happened these last 2 weeks? Read on..

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Eurobash and follow up post

So 2 weeks ago I couldn’t do my normal blog-post as I was at the annual Eurobash organized by warhammer-empire forum. And after that I was forced to do hard labor in the house updating our bedroom (the final room we really need to finish up, not counting a new kitchen) by removing really old wallpaper and then putting new wall paper up for new paints.
And because of that I haven’t had time to do a short intercession post nor did I had time to work on some of my projects. But enough of that! On with a report of the Eurobash as games where played and beers where drunk!

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Liberators done! Onwards to T’au and the Eurobash!

Again not made the progress I wanted and I’m not even sure how that happened! Well nothing to do about that at the moment.

Let’s keep this post mostly positive as I did manage to finish up the last of my Hammer wielding Liberators!

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Stormcast Hero’s

Hello all! Welcome to a new update on my blog.

So these past 2 weeks were supposed to be used for get some lingering stuff done. Well I did some of that stuff. But something sneaked in as well!.

First a little recap from last post.. what was on the program. On my Stormcast I wanted to finish up the Knight-Vexillor and 2 Retributors. Along with spraying more models.
The spraying was also up for my T’au models. Refit the magnets on my Crisis Suits and finish some other Magnet projects. If time would permit also a little work to be done on the Crisis suits.

Well find out here what got accomplished!

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