Trees for the Citadel Wood

So here are the trees for the Citadel Wood, only to add the leaves sometime.

X.002 Finished Citadel Wood - TreesX.003 Finished Citadel Wood - TreesX.004 Finished Citadel Wood - Trees on base


A Convergeance of Fate

The Story so far.

After securing the much needed beachhead around the Realmgate it was time to venture out. Trying to claim a strategical point outwards was the intended goal that was set as task upon Arturo’s shoulders.

Arriving at the outskirts of the region where this Pinnacle was standing, Arturo was met by a small band of humans. Discussing their intentions the humans offered their help in securing the Pinnacle.

In the distance dust clouds appeared and “Welkin” soon came down to tell that there were two Chaos warbands also closing in on the Pinnacle. Arturo’s set up his troops on a hill overseeing the land together with the humans. As soon as he did this some weird looking Reptilians came into being on the other side of the vale.

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