[AoS-battlereport] The Breakthrough

So I played one game at the Eurobash for Age of Sigmar (not much interest amongst the usual residents at the bash). This game was between me and my mate Grey Seer Star making it a bit fluffy.

The Story sofar.

After losing the Realm gate they regathered their forces and started to reinforce their current position. Not knowing their position would soon be put to the test.

Soon an army or rabble of Skaven vermin approached. Bent on getting through to an unknown destination. “Arturo” would have non of it and ordered his troops to make sure not one Skaven would make it through his lines.

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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower build

So I bought Warhammer Quest Silver Tower a few weeks back. I’ve been working on getting it build so I could start to play it. I already tried out a first battle at a friend’s place who got it before me and I really liked it.

So here are a few pictures of the build up set. Using Pritt poster buddies to help a few items to stick while I want them separate for the painting (some time). I used them for all the Grot Scuttlings to set them on their bases, the shield of the Knight-Questor and the cape/head from the Excelsior Warpriest.

Silver Tower Build1Silver Tower Build2