Small update, Lord-Celestant now bearing a shield

So Arturo is now a shield bearer 🙂 As the rules now give him a shield a secured one from a friend and painted it up.


Hope to get some Free People update up soon, but got an exam coming up soon as well so don’t know if I get much time the coming week to lay on the last hands.


Promised: Knight-Questor

So I got back to the local GW store to secure my model, but it wasn’t till today that I managed to / remembered to take a few pictures.

Here it is, hope you like it.


AoS batrep: Blood and Glory (bugman’s league)

As promised, but a bit later then I planned, here is my end of the Battle Report from the Pitched Battle battleplan “Blood and Glory” for the local GW store’s Bugman’s league against Klaas. Played at 29th October 2016.

It was a vanguard battle off around 1000 points. Ending up for both of us on 1020 points.

Let’s see how Arturo’s forces faired.

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