Lord-Castellant making it’s way on the ready-pile

So another addition to my Stormcast Eternals is ready to take the field.

Lord-Castellant “Solarius Skygazer” will now join my ranks.

1.013 Finished Lord-Castellant1

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A Gryphhound ready to bite and claw

A little project that I could do this week is finished. After putting in some work trying to find a working colourscheme for it and laying the basecoat and washes. I worked on the layers, highlights and the base in 2 evenings.

After taking the pictures I notices a few little touchups (on the hind leg knee a patch of grey from the base) so they have been fixed now and he is truly finished now.

1.012 Finished Gryphhound11.012 Finished Gryphhound2

Mighty Lord of Khorne “Skardrax the Slayer” of the Skullfiend Tribe

So here he is Skardrax the Slayer ready to lead his Khorne Bloodbound on foot (real lord is on a Juggernaut) together with his faithful fleshhound.

2.004 Finished Mighty Lord of Khorne1

He took quite a while to finish as I had a lot of distractions with the start of spring, mostly with stuff for the garden and other projects, but glad he is done and “mighty” proud of him.

and ofcourse the other poses:

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A little update on current projects: Khorne Lord & Lord-Castellant

Just a little work in progress from my 2 projects I’m currently working on:

Mighty Lord of Khorne and his fleshhound. Flesh hound is done and only some highlights still to do on the Lord. (metal, bone and black armor mostly)

Lord-Castellant and his Gryphhound. Both now for 99% basecoated and washed (only thing not painted is the hourglass). Going for a cheetah look on the body of the gryph-hound representing the speed that is the thing for the Knights of the Aurora.

WIP Khorne Lord & Castellant