Regular update: Almost mid November

Hello again for another update and I’m pretty happy with how I managed my goals set from last update.

With a finished goal I can now also make a group shot of one of my army components I’m working towards.

So hurry up and read on! 🙂

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Regular update: Mid October

Ah yes! Time for another update. And we got some news here for you guys (and possibly girls). I made most of my goals from last time and I got something shiny new to start on! And I got a little game played on which I can give a few words on.

So please read on..

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Regular update: Start of October

Well here we are again and I got some pictures to show also. I think I did reasonably well on my target that I set last regular update and I hope to continue this pace.

Well let’s get too it then, so read on…

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Regular update: Mid September

Well as every year my hope on getting on with the hobby during summer recess of the kids and our own holiday was once again into the trash-bin. But normal live has started again and so my hobby progress has as well. I didn’t have big goals set in the last regular update, but even that was not doable. But let’s see what did.

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Failed goals, but with multiple good excuses! :)

Well what did you fail then you might ask, so here is a recap of my goals from last week:
– Prime: Gun Drones, Pathfinder group and their drones, Ethereal.
– Doing some work on 4 Shield Drones.
– Doing some work on my Crisis suits.

Read on to find out what I failed at…

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Made my progression goals for the Commander, Lord-Celestant and Grandhammer Liberator.

This update is about my progress I made these past 2 weeks. Maybe I was a bit too careful with my goals, but I made them and that is what counts!

So read and watch more about my finished (small) projects.

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