TX4 finished and a supplement

So I did manage to finish the TX4 Piranha, just missing a few decals I want to add. Though I only have the Vior’la decals so I need some others as I don’t feel confident to free hand T’au letters.

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First recon on Astaramis

Commander Hotstrike got his first new assignment. He needed to scout out a suitable place to start a little forward base on the planet of Astaramis. Chaos is invading the planet and the Imperials are really busy to fend them off, so this is a great opportunity to be able to get some of the materials from the Imperium and maybe also influence the fighting a bit so both parties wear themselves out on each other.

Week 1 of the Fate of Konor global campaign.

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Tau progress and first game!

So these past 2 weeks were pretty good for my Tau Empire! I made some good progress on the pathfinders unit and 2 of their drones and I managed to finish my Ethereal on Hover Drone for the painting competition in our local GW store. And I also got my feet wet with my first ever 40k game!

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AoS batrep: 3 Places of Power

So I played 2 more games, 1 game was not battlereport material for a number of reasons. But the latest is. I wanted to try out a Warrior Brotherhood battalion 2k list and Piotr, one of the local players at my GW store, picked up the challenge. Not knowing I was going to deploy the battalion. He used a pretty fluffy list but in the end it was still an entertaining battle. Played 18 december 2016.

Anyway let’s see how Arturo faired, now without his trusted mount.

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AoS batrep: Blood and Glory (bugman’s league)

As promised, but a bit later then I planned, here is my end of the Battle Report from the Pitched Battle battleplan “Blood and Glory” for the local GW store’s Bugman’s league against Klaas. Played at 29th October 2016.

It was a vanguard battle off around 1000 points. Ending up for both of us on 1020 points.

Let’s see how Arturo’s forces faired.

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[AoS-battlereport] The Breakthrough

So I played one game at the Eurobash for Age of Sigmar (not much interest amongst the usual residents at the bash). This game was between me and my mate Grey Seer Star making it a bit fluffy.

The Story sofar.

After losing the Realm gate they regathered their forces and started to reinforce their current position. Not knowing their position would soon be put to the test.

Soon an army or rabble of Skaven vermin approached. Bent on getting through to an unknown destination. “Arturo” would have non of it and ordered his troops to make sure not one Skaven would make it through his lines.

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