Finished model and other progress

So I am working furiously on my Free Guild that entered my local Escalation League, starting with 500 points.. well this is a bit over that.

I managed to finally finish off my Free Guild General on warhorse and rebased my Bright Battlemage. YES!! I have made the plunge into rebasing. It feels liberating and so I have rebased some of my Swordsmen (now Free Guild Guard with sword and shield) and made some nice progress, almost all base colours and some washes done.

First my rebased Battlemage (Bright)


And my Free Guild General


Some may recognise him as the old “Rutgar” model, here some other angles:

I do want to add some grass Tufts to these bases to complete them a bit more, but otherwise on all accounts they are ready.

Now for my 500 (well 540) points this will be my starting force:


Free Guild General (on horse)
Battlemage (Bright)
10 Free Guild Guard (rebased)10 Free Guild Greatswords (almost finished bar a few highlights and needs rebasing)
10 Free Guild Crossbowmen (still needs to be started, might replace them with Handgunners though, but I would need to buy and build those)

Still the battlereport(s) in my mind to do, but need to find the time besides this project that needs to be at least battleready by 4th of February.

Till next time…


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