Progress on building / On the paint table

So these last weeks have been busy where possible. As possible as can be during Christmas and New Years and having the kids stay up late and stuff.

I had a great holiday none the less, but it is time to start picking up my hobby in a bit faster pace again. So trying to stay away from gaming more. (looking at you Lego Dimensions!)
So let’s see what I did:

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Small update, Lord-Celestant now bearing a shield

So Arturo is now a shield bearer 🙂 As the rules now give him a shield a secured one from a friend and painted it up.


Hope to get some Free People update up soon, but got an exam coming up soon as well so don’t know if I get much time the coming week to lay on the last hands.

We have another finished unit and more!

So here we are again, with an update. I got a unit of 5 Retributors completed and a Knight-Questor and some slow but steady progress on my Path to Glory bunch. And I hired an apprentice! Keep reading on 🙂

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Lord-Castellant making it’s way on the ready-pile

So another addition to my Stormcast Eternals is ready to take the field.

Lord-Castellant “Solarius Skygazer” will now join my ranks.

1.013 Finished Lord-Castellant1

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A Gryphhound ready to bite and claw

A little project that I could do this week is finished. After putting in some work trying to find a working colourscheme for it and laying the basecoat and washes. I worked on the layers, highlights and the base in 2 evenings.

After taking the pictures I notices a few little touchups (on the hind leg knee a patch of grey from the base) so they have been fixed now and he is truly finished now.

1.012 Finished Gryphhound11.012 Finished Gryphhound2

A little update on current projects: Khorne Lord & Lord-Castellant

Just a little work in progress from my 2 projects I’m currently working on:

Mighty Lord of Khorne and his fleshhound. Flesh hound is done and only some highlights still to do on the Lord. (metal, bone and black armor mostly)

Lord-Castellant and his Gryphhound. Both now for 99% basecoated and washed (only thing not painted is the hourglass). Going for a cheetah look on the body of the gryph-hound representing the speed that is the thing for the Knights of the Aurora.

WIP Khorne Lord & Castellant