StealthKnightSteg a tabletop wargamer and alround hobbyist.

Hello all!

A wargamer by hart, but also somewhat of a collector of miniatures pre-dominantly from Games-Workshop. Not that I’m a fanboy of Games-Workshop, I just like to keep to one kind of manufacture and this happened to be the one I choose back in 1999 when I started my venture in Tabletop wargaming with Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Starting an Empire army back in the day. I have been working on them off and on since that time.

Since that time I also started a little venture in to Lizardmen getting around 1000 points (8th edition value) starting with some models I still had around from the 5th edition starter set, but didn’t really get on with it.

Now that Age of Sigmar has launched I saw an opportunity to really get back in the hobby and got the Starter set on launch. Since then I have been working alot on my Stormcast mostly but also picked up momentum for the Khorne Bloodbound (in the starter) but also the Lizardmen (now called Seraphon) to give them a new live on the table!

Now about The Empire.. At this time it’s not known yet what exactly will become of the Free People in the Age of Sigmar setting and therefor they are somewhat shelfed for the moment. Till I know what will be still around (modelwise) so I can focus my painting on those first and everything else will become backlog to at a certain point.

And with the launch of 8th Edition Warhammer 40k I finally took the dive into this setting and started a T’au Empire army.

Most people can find me on , , and as StealthKnightSteg.


The modeller/painter part of me:
I’m not in anyway artistic with sculpting and adding to a model this way, but I do not shy from adding some bits here and there that I have lingering around nor swapping bits out for others. Because of this most of the units you will get to see from me are pretty standard build.
As for the painting part… I’m a perfectionist and even with the rank and file units I kinda get carried away, hence why I didn’t have much painted yet for back in the day.

The collector part of me:
Formost I think of myself as a collector, but due to a tight budget I am not able to get most stuff together as fast as I would like too. On the blogs of those forums I made lists of my models so people can follow my progress. In time I might get those move over to here.

The gamer part of me:
Back in 1999 when I started this hobby I played pretty often with/against friends (Chaos, High Elves) and later I even joined the local gaming club and participated in a small tournament aswell (winning from a squickhopper/snotling pump wagon army). But the gaming group fell apart, the local club requiring 80% painted armies and other things in life made me stop the hobby for a while.
Picked up gaming again in 2010 when I met my newly aquired brother-in-law who played Skaven. Had some stuff going on in my personal life again so stopped the hobby again for 6-9 months. Since the start of 2011 I’m back in the game versus Skaven with 8th edition rule set and looking forward to start playing games on and off, maybe even at the local gaming shop (same founder as the gaming club back in 1999).
I also visit the Eurobashes organized by the Empire to have a blast at gaming. Where I have been 5 consecutive years now!


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