Battlereport: T’au versus Imperial Knights

A promised battlereport is here, I played this one on the 23rd of June in between the pre-order day and the collection day for AoS’s Soul Wars in my ‘local’ GW shop Groningen! And the next week going again to my grab my Battletome Stormcast Eternals. Madness!! Before I wasn’t there since end of December! Anyway.. 40k and battlereport. This one is played versus my good mate Erwin that wanted to try out his Knights in a small 1500 point battle (even though he forgot to meet at that pointsvalue). No new Knights in it yet but playing with it’s new Codex. As this will yet again be a write up for the ATT’s Wurrshuv’s campaign I will yet again rename the opposition Knights in the report to Ork equivalents (renames after the armylist entries). So read on!

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T’au vs T’au (Battlereport)

Another small battlereport, now from my local gaming club playing versus another T’au player played on the 5th of June. As this ‘needs’ to be also a write up towards the Wurrshuv’s campaign I will fake this one as a T’au versus Ork write up. This on s a 1250 points battle where my opponent wanted to practice for an upcoming tournament. Maelstrom mission: Recon / Hammer and Anvil deployment.

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T’au versus Orks (Eurobash battlereport)

This is a write up of my second game at the Eurobash using my T’au army this time at the 1000 point bracket. Playing one of the local members of the club. As I found out, when I came back home, on ATT ( they just started a campaign versus Orks on May 1st. Now this battle was played the day before but I found it fun to write it up in the narrative of the campaign and see if it’s permitted for use.

So here follows the write up of the Eternal War Mission: The Scouring with Hammer and Anvil deployment.

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T’au versus Astra Militarum (Eurobash battlereport)

So here is a short write up on my battle versus the Astra Militarum of Cisse.

We decided on a 2k point match up, so it would be my first battle in that bracket. We rolled for an Eternal War mission from the Big Rule book: No Mercy it has no objectives and only Kill Points for units slain. We both had a lot so it seemed fair.

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Battlereport 40k: T’au versus Death Guard 1500 points

So it has been a while and I had promised this battlereport, so here it is for what I can still remember about it.

I played a 1500 points game versus Robin one of our club members and our local bartender at the club (that made the game pause a bit more then usual but that is ok).
It was my first battle with the new codex.

So how did it go? Read on…

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TX4 finished and a supplement

So I did manage to finish the TX4 Piranha, just missing a few decals I want to add. Though I only have the Vior’la decals so I need some others as I don’t feel confident to free hand T’au letters.

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First recon on Astaramis

Commander Hotstrike got his first new assignment. He needed to scout out a suitable place to start a little forward base on the planet of Astaramis. Chaos is invading the planet and the Imperials are really busy to fend them off, so this is a great opportunity to be able to get some of the materials from the Imperium and maybe also influence the fighting a bit so both parties wear themselves out on each other.

Week 1 of the Fate of Konor global campaign.

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