T’au vs T’au (Battlereport)

Another small battlereport, now from my local gaming club playing versus another T’au player played on the 5th of June. As this ‘needs’ to be also a write up towards the Wurrshuv’s campaign I will fake this one as a T’au versus Ork write up. This on s a 1250 points battle where my opponent wanted to practice for an upcoming tournament. Maelstrom mission: Recon / Hammer and Anvil deployment.

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Battlereport 40k: T’au versus Death Guard 1500 points

So it has been a while and I had promised this battlereport, so here it is for what I can still remember about it.

I played a 1500 points game versus Robin one of our club members and our local bartender at the club (that made the game pause a bit more then usual but that is ok).
It was my first battle with the new codex.

So how did it go? Read on…

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Failed goals, but with multiple good excuses! :)

Well what did you fail then you might ask, so here is a recap of my goals from last week:
– Prime: Gun Drones, Pathfinder group and their drones, Ethereal.
– Doing some work on 4 Shield Drones.
– Doing some work on my Crisis suits.

Read on to find out what I failed at…

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Drones! And a start with Space Marines.

So here we are again! Yes I can speak in the we form today as this post will be a joint update.

First I’ll show you a little update on my progress and then I’ll talk a bit on how my daughter dipped into the 41st millennium!

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Small update with a new project

First off: All the best wishes and may most of your hobby goals see completion this 2018!

So today I only have a small update on my progress as it was a little of everything I did.

Managed to spray some more weapons for the Crisis Suits, sprayed the Ghostkeel and Coldstar Commander as wel as the Cadre Fireblade. Made a bit more paint progress on the Drones that accompany the Crisis Suits.

Also played a small 200 point kill team game with my T’au (that I won versus a scrambled list of Harlequins) and was sick for a good couple of days between Christmas and new year.

And this evening I mostly finished building up the Manufactorum, just a few more bits and bobs to do,

But the biggest news is that I bought my 8 year old daughter (the one you may have seen earlier painting a Liberator) a starter set of Space Marines. I helped her mostly to do it herself, but she wants/needs a good amount of guidance and aid. We did finish the Dreadnought and the Captain and making good progress on the tactical squad. When this is finished I’ll make a picture of the set. She wants to go paint them as The Salamanders Chapter.

Well that is all for this time, We’ll be back in 2 weeks!

TX4 finished and a supplement

So I did manage to finish the TX4 Piranha, just missing a few decals I want to add. Though I only have the Vior’la decals so I need some others as I don’t feel confident to free hand T’au letters.

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