Eurobash and follow up post

So 2 weeks ago I couldn’t do my normal blog-post as I was at the annual Eurobash organized by warhammer-empire forum. And after that I was forced to do hard labor in the house updating our bedroom (the final room we really need to finish up, not counting a new kitchen) by removing really old wallpaper and then putting new wall paper up for new paints.
And because of that I haven’t had time to do a short intercession post nor did I had time to work on some of my projects. But enough of that! On with a report of the Eurobash as games where played and beers where drunk!

First a little note on my hobby projects. I did manage to finish my last 2 Retributors making sure I don’t have any half finished models of my Stormcast standing. (Pictures to follow)

So on our dutch Kingsday (April 27th) me and my mate Ronald drove down to Belgium eager to participate in another Eurobash. Arriving in the afternoon we dropped off our stuff at the new HQ club and checked in at the Hotel before leaving to Warhammerlord_Soth’s house for dinner. After that great and wonderful dinner we went back to the club for our first games (and beer!). Midaski already left us for the hotel as his age and the lonely and long drive from England had taken it’s toll. The rest of us started with a real fun game of Zombicide. Unfortunately I was not focused yet and totally forgot to take pictures of that first evening!

So day 1, the real first complete day we had. Walking over from the Hotel to the club  made sure to give my special gift of our very locally brewed beer to my mate Midaski.
Grutte Pier was a local hero in the middle ages and made a kind of password of a thing to tell if someone was a real Frisian. If you couldn’t say the following words:

Bûter, brea en griene tsiis,
wa’t dat net sizze kin, is gjin oprjochte Fries.

(Translation: Butter, Bread and Green Cheese, who can’t say that isn’t a real Frisian)
You were chopped a little shorter at about shoulder height.

And of course we both had a certain relation with a street name we encountered!

Most of us joined in a game of The Chicago Way. An in between of a miniatures game and an D&D game with fun little twists.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I played the coppers while my mate Ronald played the Feds. While Midaski played the brewing Hillbillies and Shavixmir played with the gangsters. All supervised by Warhammerlord_Soth as the game-master. The gangsters hired Lola (or something similar named gal) a pinked dressed lady model to drive the gangsters van. Which at the first corner crashed into a streetlamp. Talking about affirmative cliche’s :). Though the Hillbillies weren’t that much better at driving.

Halfway we had a break from the game and I took a few shots of the Table that was being prepared for Legends of the High Seas:

While Ronald took the opportunity to paint a little of his Night Haunt


Meanwhile back in Chicago the fight over the streets continued. In the end the police prevented the gangsters from kidnapping the mayor’s daughter, but the Fed’s got at the loosing end of a fight with the dockworkers before the Hillbillies arrived with the contraband and they could deliver it safely to the docks, due to that ultimately winning the game.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The it was dinner time again! Instead of our almost traditional BBQ we had a Gourmet also with loads of meat!

We had a little fun at desert with the youngest of Warhammerlord_Soth by making sure he got a whip cream-face, but dad had to pay the price for that!

In the evening I managed to start my first battle of 40k with my T’au Empire versus Cisse’s Guard at 2000 points. A little impression here, but a full battle report will follow.

We had to cut the game short and continue the next morning. But not before a firm breakfast at the hotel while the rain poured down.

Some had to take drastic measures while walking over to the club


So Cisse and me finished up our game of 40k while the others started their Legends of the High Seas battle.

While this was still going on Ronald and me delved into a few little games of Age of Sigmar. First at about 650 points Night Haunt (Ronald) versus Khorne Bloodbound (me), but even though Khorne had superior numbers it was impossible to break through the apparitions in this Open War cards played scenario.

After this battle one of the locals got interested and asked us if we could play one more game as a sort of preview game.
This time I took 1k points of my Free Guild (hey what is a warhammer-empire forum without some Empire/Free Guild!) versus a list a brewed up for my Khorne bloodbound based upon the Gore Pilgrims Battalion that Ronald played with some aid of my models.
Using the Hold the line command at the right time wiped out a lot of the Blood Reavers in a mist of blood.. Well Khorne will be pleased anyway..

After another great dinner prepared with much love by Warhammerlord_Soth’s wife it was time for more Zombicide!

The next morning on the way from the Hotel to the club we made a slight detour (me and Ronald) to check out a part of a park we passed everyday. (Warning if you don’t like cultural things scroll on!)

So on with more gaming! Let’s see what did we do? Oh yes, Munchkin. And somehow our flyby Aussie bloke took the win here.. Now we need to get to Sydney just to try and smash his claim on being undefeated at the Eurobash. And of course more Zombicide!


Cisse had his Guard take on some rowdy Orks at 1k points from one of the local residents.

After the defeat by the Orks they wanted to scrap with some scrawny fishpeople to bash in. So my T’au took the Orks on! (Also later in a nice battle-report coming near you on your friendly blog) Some impressions:

And then it was the last day again, grabbing our stuff and one more look at the beautiful scenery all nicely tucked away on the shelves.


See you next year, Eurobash!

I hope you enjoyed this little report on the Eurobash and see you soon for the battlereports


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