2nd intervention army from Altdorf

The 2nd intervention army from Altdorf is one of two special army groups brought together at the idea of Karl Franz himself. This army is mainly deployed in the northern regions (Nordland, Ostland, Hochland and Middenland) of the Empire to combat any stress situations encountered by those provinces where the standing army is in need of some bolstering to counter the various threats from within or from the northlands. Where as the 1st intervention army is looking after the South-Eastern part of the Empire (Ostermark, Stirland, Averland and Wissenland).
Due to the nature of this army being deployed mostly against the Skaven, Beastmen, Deamons and Warriors of Chaos it has gotten some special interest from the Grand Master Templar of the White Wolf and the Ar-Ulric. This is why there is usually a contingent of White Wolf knights present and some warrior priests of Ulric in this Altdorf army.
Also Knights of the Blazing Sun are often seen riding along side this army as they have devoted their time to combat anything that has nothing to do with the natural beings of this world. Sometimes the Grand Masters or the Ar-Ulric them self join the army.
Less often are some contingents of Reiksguard Knights and Knights Panther joining the army.
The army is composed of several infantry units all paid and equipped by the Altdorf / Empire treasury and are by those means very good equipped. Also a few units of the mobile artillery from Altdorf is accompaning the army (ofcourse bought from the foundries of Nuln and the crew trained there as well). This army when moving around will also attract some Flaggelants and usually will get some aid from the local militia.
This way Karl Franz hopes to keep his northern borders of the Empire protected enough to let the people of the Empire live in relative peace.

The leadership of this intervention army was given in the hands of General Johan van den Kornput.
Under his leadership he has several Captains and Champions to lead his battalions.
Willem II van der Marck, assigned Arch Lector of Sigmar.
Jacob Blommaert, assigned Warrior Priest of Sigmar.
Hendrick Lonck, Captain (sometimes seen riding into battle on his pegasus).
Willem Corneliszoon van Duyvenbode, Captain bearer of the Battle Standard.
Adriaen van Bergen , Engineer leading the several units of mobile artillery.
Jan van Hout , Witchhunter

Lancelot van Brederode , Halberdier Sergeant.
Cornelis Jansz Dirkszoon , Spearmen Sergeant.
Otto van Gendt , Duellist.
Adriaan Pauw , Crossbowmen Marksman.
Reinier Pauw , Handgunner Marksman.
Johan de Knuyt , Archer Marksman.
Diederik Sonoy , Count’s Champion.
Johan de Mepsche , Huntsmen tracker.
Barthout Entens van Mentheda , Pistolier Outrider.
Jacob Dircksz de Graeff , Outrider Sharpshooter.
François Vranck , Steamtank Commander.

Janus Dousa, Bright Wizard. (Lore of Fire)
Joost de Moor, Amber Wizard. (Lore of Beasts)
Lenaert Jansz de Graeff, Gold Wizard. (Lore of Metal)
Jan van Galen, White Wizard. (Lore of Light)
Jan van Horne, Jade Wizard. (Lore of Life)
Jacob Duym, Celestial Wizard. (Lore of Heavens)
Carl von Rabenhaupt, Grey Wizard. (Lore of Shadows)
Arent van Duivenvoorde, Amethyst Wizard. (Lore of Death)

Aiding the Intervention Army on more then one occasion and sent by their respective Templar Grand Masters are the Knight Champions leading their knights:
Johan van Oldenbarnevelt , Reikscaptain of the Reiksguard Knights
Wolfert van Borselen , Preceptor of the Knights of the White Wolf.
Floris van Montmorency , Preceptor of the Knights of the Blazing Sun.
Walburgis van Neuenahr , Preceptor of the Knights Panther.
Jelle Broers Hylckama , Preceptor of the Royal Altdorf Gryphites.

The Priests of Ulric that show up occasionally:
Godfried van Mervel and Franciscus de Roye lead by Ar-Ulric Emil Valgeir.

Sometimes the Army attracts some Flaggelants led by:
Willem Bette , Prophet of Doom


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