The T’au of Sa’cea Sept

Sa’cea is the hottest and most densely populated of all Tau worlds. It produced the more colonisation fleets during the Second Sphere Expansion than any other world, and warriors from Sa’cea are regarded as particularly honourable.

The teeming worlds of Sa’cea Sept are carpeted in sprawling conurbations, and their Fire caste academies emphasise a focus upon urban warfare.

The sept colour is a fiery orange that reflects the roiling flames of the afigry star around which its worlds orbit.

The Shan’al (or coalition) named “Sa’Cea 29th Expeditionary Force” was assembled as one of many forces tasked with a military support role. They needed to be able to aid other forces as fast as they can where needed. The Kavaal (or commune) was led by Commander “Whiteout” leaving room for Tio’ve’s (or contingents) from other Septs to join in when the time is right.

Only one Tio’ve is used at this time but others might follow. The Encounter and Relieve Tio’ve is now made of a Hunter Kau’ui (or Cadre) ad a Forward Stealth Kau’ui. The Hunter Kau’ui is the personal Kau’ui of Commander “Whiteout” and the Forward Stealth Kau’ui is under command of Commander “Hotstrike”.

The La’rua (or teams) in the Kau’ui can vary per mission.