Finished model and other progress

So I am working furiously on my Free Guild that entered my local Escalation League, starting with 500 points.. well this is a bit over that.

I managed to finally finish off my Free Guild General on warhorse and rebased my Bright Battlemage. YES!! I have made the plunge into rebasing. It feels liberating and so I have rebased some of my Swordsmen (now Free Guild Guard with sword and shield) and made some nice progress, almost all base colours and some washes done.

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Collegiate Arcane’s first Bright Battlemage

A small update, this one was finished (in this state) for over a week now, but I finally decided to take pictures anyway as I will wait till Free People will get fleshed out to make a decision on how to go on with bases.

So without further ado here is Janus Dousa Bright Battlemage


Some more angles next

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Happy times, with Sinterklaas!

So this past weekend was Sinterklaas celebrations at our place (for you non dutch people, it’s the original version of your coca cola made santa claus 🙂 )

And I got some nice stuff for my hobby!


The Knight-Vexillor was a self bought present as I have an idea for my 1,5k and 2k Stormcast lists.

Got some nice scenery walls and fences to help me create a better table, New start Collecting box to boost my forces (and to bump the 3 Retributors up to 5 from the starterset)

And to bolster my Empire or Devoted of Sigmar with a box of Flagellants and it was the kind I didn’t have yet (got metal older ones (22))

(Overview pages are updated, but I still need to figure out what loadout I actually want for my Liberators and Prosecutors)

The Hidden Necropolis – Sigmar’s Blood battle 3

Mannfred’s plan to claim Sylvania as a realm of undeath is in danger of being shattered by the faithful crusaders marching upon his lands. He has personally intervened in order to lead them further from his hidden secret weapon – a dread artefact that is powering the magic of Mannfred’s curse upon Sylvania. He gleaned the fell ritual from no less a source than the Eighth Book of Nagash.

Hidden deep in Vargravia, beyond the sight of mortal men, the reliquary that contains Mannfred’s prized possession is guarded by a host of the most powerful spectres to haunt Sylvania. Only the mad or the foolish would risk their souls by entering Vargravia’s borders, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and the eastern side of the Vale of Darkness boasts some unlikely heroes of its own…


the white Wizards of Templehof vs. Whispering Nell

Scenario: as described
Location: Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Date played: Sunday 18 October 2015
Played edition rules: Age of Sigmar

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The Parley of Blades – Sigmar’s Blood battle 2

Whilst von Korden matches his wits against the sinister Ghorst, Volkmar marches further into the Vale of Darkness in an open challenge to Mannfred – meet them in battle, or die like a dog in the shadows. Soon, the living dead rise up against the tresspassers, but the Vampire’s minions are swiftly despatched by the forces of the Grand Theogonist’s faith.

Having forced the Necromancer Ghorst to abandon his stranglehold upon Konigstein, the Witch Hunter von Korden and his faithful soldiers are reinforced by Volkmar’s crusade as a running battle unfolds upon the open road. With the heroes united victory is soon ensured, and the Empire crusade marches stronger than ever. However, matters come to a head outside Swartzhafen, where the Grand Theogonist and Mannfred von Carstein meet upon the field of battle for the first time.


Volkmar’s Crusade vs. The Midnight Haul

Scenario: as described
Location: Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Date played: Sunday 04 October 2015
Played edition rules: Age of Sigmar

Volkmar’s Crusade took the field to engage Count Mannfred.
Time Tracker still on the Fires of Faith (+1Ld -> +1 Bravery)

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The Midnight Hunt – Sigmar’s Blood battle 1

Volkmar the Grim has rallied his most holy warriors and sailed down the river Reik with a sacred vow on his lips. His destination is the troubled realm of Sylvania, home to terrors beyond imagining, and lair of the infamous Count Mannfred, an undying fiend who must be destroyed at all costs.

Heading south, Volkmar bade his men find the Vampire and burn his body to ash. By tracking down and interrogating the count’s lieutenants and cat’s paws, the crusaders could find their way right to the von Carstein’s door. The Witch Hunter von Korden is the first to locate his quarry; a Necromancer thrall of Mannfred’s known as Ghorst. As von Korden and his men push deeper into the grave-strewn wilderness, the dead stagger through the mists to meet them…


The Faithful Few vs. Ghorst’s Nightstalkers

Scenario: 1. Battleline
Location: Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Date played: Sunday 16 March 2014
Played edition rules: 8th Edition WHFB


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