“Lacertilia of Kukulcan”

The Story of my Seraphon.

Lord Mazdamundi, in his infinite wisdom to cary out the Great Plan of the Old Ones, ordered one of his younger Slann Mage-Priest, of the 5th spawning, Kukulcan to take charge of the lost city of Spektazuma (The City of Lenses). While Lord Mazdamundi did not tell why he wanted the city be retaken, Kukulcan could sense the importance of the City of Lenses as an important tool to see more of the world to know where to act on the Great Plan.
Kukulcan, his name derived from the Old One of Warfare, was appointed Master Builder and is therefor the ideal tool to undertake this task. (source)


About Spektazuma during the Coming of Chaos 8000 years before the End Times (thanks to Kor-Lot-Ko & spawning of Bob from Lustria-Online),

Before the great catastrophe, Spektazuma was one of the most wondrous of all the the temple-cities of Lustria. It was home to the great observatory, the best in the world, with an enormous telescope capable of reading the stars in great detail. It’s spawning pools amongst the most productive, churning out skinks and saurus in the hundreds. But most impressive of all were the great lenses. They sat on the top of the three largest pyramids in the city, turning every day to follow the sun. They captured the sun’s rays and concentrated them into a beam the diameter of a carnosaur’s egg, and hot enough to melt through iron after a few moments of being placed within the beam. The light was then shot into a perfectly carved diamond prism that shattered the large beam into multiple smaller beams the width of a skinks arm. A complex system of mirrors moved the beams of light around the city. Some beams went to forges, where the heat was used to melt gold and other metals faster than any fire. Some beams went to guard towers, where they powered weapons much like the solar engines mounted on the backs of bastilodons. Others went to great devices set into the bedrock deep below the city, which stored the solar energy for night or times of need. When the polar gates fell, Spektazuma was amongst the first to be attacked, the great stores of energy attracting the daemons like moths to a flame. For seven days, the slann of Spektazuma maintained their shield around the city, bolstered by the energy in the storage devices, while the solar weapons burned great swaths of the daemon army to ashes. But then, disaster. The leader of the daemonic host, a nurgle daemon prince, realized that he would never breach the city whilst the sun still shined every day. So, he had all of his mages band together to cast a spell which cloaked the city in a perpetual night. Without the sun, the weapons were soon powerless, and the slann were forced to maintain the shield without the aid of the devices. Still, the city stood firm for a further month before the shield was breached. The warriors and slann of Spektazuma held a fighting retreat into the bowels of the city, until they finally reached the energy storage chamber. Trapped and weakened, the warriors of the city of lenses resolved to make their final stand. But Itikmonda, Lord of the city, did not wish his city’s legacy to end in that room. so, after giving instructions to his second, to return to the city when the time was right. Then, using the last dregs of energy from the devices, transported the city’s last defenders to Itza, just as the daemons burst through the doors and fell upon his exhausted form, ripping him limb from limb.

Kukulcan took a small host to make the journey to Spektazuma. This small host was only for his protection and for the possible small encounters he would meet in the thick of the jungle. He would not need to go past the more dangerous territories at the coastlines. Once at Spektazuma his first task was to rejuvenate the spawning pools to create the standing army and workers needed to protect and rebuild Spektazuma.
Pacha, a Starseer and the skink priest closest to Kukulcan was ordered to form the Lacertilia (as the war party became known) host and to take control of the tasks at hand when they would reach Spektazuma so Kukulcan can be left to his contemplations.
Pacha selected the following leaders for the traveling host:
Apu-Illapu, saurus Scar Veteran
Chac, Skink Starpriest
Illapa, Skink Priest
Supay, Saurus Warrior Alpha
Pahuac, Skink Alpha
Guaracy, Skink Ripperdactyl Rider Alpha
Guiachiminis, Kroxigor Ancient
They seized the Temple city of Spektazuma of the wildlife and some left over roaming Skaven warbands and started rebuilding the city. Here Pacha and eventually Kukulcan settled in the first Temple with some more of their followers and started to re-invigorate the spawning pool hoping to achieve the production it once had.
Eventually new heroes and champions arose from the pools:
(more to follow as important heroes/champions were spawned at Spektazuma and settled in the memories of Kukulcan)
After the old world ended and Kukulcan took to the stars with his fellow Slann, he took the memories he had from Spektazuma with him. Every time he needed his warriors he would think of them to materialize them where he needed them the most.
When arriving at the stars of Azyr, Kukulcan settled into the Constellation of Tlixa’s Shield. As the last vision he had from Spektazuma told him that his task was to protect several of the lesser races as part of the greater plan to wipe out the forces of Chaos. He could see that his role would prove to be vital in this great scheme. There for Tlixa’s Shield was detrimental to his part of the plan. Shielding the settlements of the lesser races from the influence of Chaos.