Work in Progress Khorgorath and Lord of Khorne

So I was working this week on getting the base coats done on these for the weekly #GW52 commitment besides the Blood Warriors. Pretty happy with how far I got.

WIP Khorgorath-Lord Khorne


Storm the Walls

The Story so far.

After consolidating the Pinnacle together with the Seraphon, the next task “Arturo Boreas” was send on to investigate a nearby Stronghold. Tales were told of a Duardin lord gone crazy. It was “Arturo’s” task to see if this Stronghold would be a danger if left unchecked in his rear during his campaign.

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Knight-Azyros “Scintil Obscurea” finished

And the second flying hero is done. Due to use in some games I like to nickname him Achmed and in coming (still to post) battle reports you will read why 🙂

1.009 Finished Knight-Azyros1

Some other poses:

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A Convergeance of Fate

The Story so far.

After securing the much needed beachhead around the Realmgate it was time to venture out. Trying to claim a strategical point outwards was the intended goal that was set as task upon Arturo’s shoulders.

Arriving at the outskirts of the region where this Pinnacle was standing, Arturo was met by a small band of humans. Discussing their intentions the humans offered their help in securing the Pinnacle.

In the distance dust clouds appeared and “Welkin” soon came down to tell that there were two Chaos warbands also closing in on the Pinnacle. Arturo’s set up his troops on a hill overseeing the land together with the humans. As soon as he did this some weird looking Reptilians came into being on the other side of the vale.

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