Happy times, with Sinterklaas!

So this past weekend was Sinterklaas celebrations at our place (for you non dutch people, it’s the original version of your coca cola made santa claus 🙂 )

And I got some nice stuff for my hobby!


The Knight-Vexillor was a self bought present as I have an idea for my 1,5k and 2k Stormcast lists.

Got some nice scenery walls and fences to help me create a better table, New start Collecting box to boost my forces (and to bump the 3 Retributors up to 5 from the starterset)

And to bolster my Empire or Devoted of Sigmar with a box of Flagellants and it was the kind I didn’t have yet (got metal older ones (22))

(Overview pages are updated, but I still need to figure out what loadout I actually want for my Liberators and Prosecutors)

Small update, Lord-Celestant now bearing a shield

So Arturo is now a shield bearer 🙂 As the rules now give him a shield a secured one from a friend and painted it up.


Hope to get some Free People update up soon, but got an exam coming up soon as well so don’t know if I get much time the coming week to lay on the last hands.

AoS batrep: Blood and Glory (bugman’s league)

As promised, but a bit later then I planned, here is my end of the Battle Report from the Pitched Battle battleplan “Blood and Glory” for the local GW store’s Bugman’s league against Klaas. Played at 29th October 2016.

It was a vanguard battle off around 1000 points. Ending up for both of us on 1020 points.

Let’s see how Arturo’s forces faired.

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We have another finished unit and more!

So here we are again, with an update. I got a unit of 5 Retributors completed and a Knight-Questor and some slow but steady progress on my Path to Glory bunch. And I hired an apprentice! Keep reading on 🙂

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It’s been a while since my last post

..but I’m still working on stuff and have played a few more games. Summer holiday was slow due to kids staying up longer and of course our holiday spent abroad was also a hobby stop for me.

Meanwhile I entered my local GW shops Path to Glory campaign with my own Free People warband.

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[AoS-battlereport] The Breakthrough

So I played one game at the Eurobash for Age of Sigmar (not much interest amongst the usual residents at the bash). This game was between me and my mate Grey Seer Star making it a bit fluffy.

The Story sofar.

After losing the Realm gate they regathered their forces and started to reinforce their current position. Not knowing their position would soon be put to the test.

Soon an army or rabble of Skaven vermin approached. Bent on getting through to an unknown destination. “Arturo” would have non of it and ordered his troops to make sure not one Skaven would make it through his lines.

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