Drones! And a start with Space Marines.

So here we are again! Yes I can speak in the we form today as this post will be a joint update.

First I’ll show you a little update on my progress and then I’ll talk a bit on how my daughter dipped into the 41st millennium!

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Small update with a new project

First off: All the best wishes and may most of your hobby goals see completion this 2018!

So today I only have a small update on my progress as it was a little of everything I did.

Managed to spray some more weapons for the Crisis Suits, sprayed the Ghostkeel and Coldstar Commander as wel as the Cadre Fireblade. Made a bit more paint progress on the Drones that accompany the Crisis Suits.

Also played a small 200 point kill team game with my T’au (that I won versus a scrambled list of Harlequins) and was sick for a good couple of days between Christmas and new year.

And this evening I mostly finished building up the Manufactorum, just a few more bits and bobs to do,

But the biggest news is that I bought my 8 year old daughter (the one you may have seen earlier painting a Liberator) a starter set of Space Marines. I helped her mostly to do it herself, but she wants/needs a good amount of guidance and aid. We did finish the Dreadnought and the Captain and making good progress on the tactical squad. When this is finished I’ll make a picture of the set. She wants to go paint them as The Salamanders Chapter.

Well that is all for this time, We’ll be back in 2 weeks!

TX4 finished and a supplement

So I did manage to finish the TX4 Piranha, just missing a few decals I want to add. Though I only have the Vior’la decals so I need some others as I don’t feel confident to free hand T’au letters.

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My T’au army progress

So I have been silent on the blog front for a while now, but I haven’t been sitting idle in the hobby department.

I played a team tournament, where both players took 1000 points, of Warhammer 40k. We didn’t do to great but had loads of fun. And I’m also playing a bit more regularly at the local club on Tuesday evenings as well as at home with some new sparing partners.

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First recon on Astaramis

Commander Hotstrike got his first new assignment. He needed to scout out a suitable place to start a little forward base on the planet of Astaramis. Chaos is invading the planet and the Imperials are really busy to fend them off, so this is a great opportunity to be able to get some of the materials from the Imperium and maybe also influence the fighting a bit so both parties wear themselves out on each other.

Week 1 of the Fate of Konor global campaign.

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T’au Empire, first Pathfinders unit finished

So I finally done it! It took some time to get it done with distractions all around with playing games and start painting the other stuff as well, but in the end the whole unit is done! Onwards to the next.

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