T’au versus Astra Militarum (Eurobash battlereport)

So here is a short write up on my battle versus the Astra Militarum of Cisse.

We decided on a 2k point match up, so it would be my first battle in that bracket. We rolled for an Eternal War mission from the Big Rule book: No Mercy it has no objectives and only Kill Points for units slain. We both had a lot so it seemed fair.

Deployment rolled became Vanguard Strike as you can see in the coming pictures by the tape-measure laying across the table to divide it.

My army complete Sa’cea Sept:

Brigade Detachment (+12CP)


  • XV86 Coldstar Commander (HOBC, Missile Pod, Fusion Blaster, Shield Generator) Warlord: Exemplar of the Mont’ka (Have not yet chopped him up to be able to give him other weapon options, yet)
  • Cadre Fireblade (Puretide Engram Neurochip (PEN))
  • Ethereal on Hover drone, Honour Blade


  • 2x Breacher team (5 man)
  • 4x Strike Team (5 man)


  • 2x Firesight Marksman
  • XV8 Crisis Battlesuit (3 man) + 4 Gun Drones / 2 Shield Drones, all with 3 CIB’s except the leader he has 2 and a Drone Controller

Fast Attack

  • Pathfinder Team (5 man)
  • Tactical Drones (3 Shield, 1 Marker)
  • Tactical Drones (3 Shield, 1 Marker)
  • Tactical Drones (3 Shield, 1 Marker)

Heavy Support

  • Sniper Drones (3)
  • 2x a Single XV88 Broadside Battlesuit

Dedicated Transport

  • TY7 Devilfish (for the Breachers and Ethereal)

Vanguard Detachment (+1CP)


  • XV85 Enforcer Commander (3 Fusion Blaster, Shield Generator, Onager Gauntlet) plus 2 Shield Drones


  • 2x XV25 Stealthsuits (3 man, just Burstcannons)
  • XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit (Full Fusion with Shield Generator and Target Lock)

Emergency Dispensation to have 2 Relics -1CP

Points: 2000 ; Power Level: 104; CP 12


Cisse had his Astra Militarum Cadians (as far as I still know) also in a Brigade/Vanguard build

– Company Commander
– 1 Leman Russ tank commander with plasma executioner, plasma sponsons
– 1 Leman Russ tank commander with punisher gatling, heavy bolters
– 1 Leman Russ with battle cannon, heavy bolters
– Basilisk
– Basilisk
– 6 teams of Cadian Shocktroops (3 teams with lascannons, 3 teams with flamers)
– armoured sentinel with plasma
– armoured sentinel with lascannons
– hellhound
– 5 Tempestus Scions with 2 melta guns (or plasma, can’t remember)
– 5 Ratlings
– 5 Ratlings
– 1 squad of veterans with 3 plasma guns in a chimera with heavy flamer
– platoon commander with power sword
– platoon commander with plasma pistol
– psyker

Deployment was pretty standard with some zone denial on my left/top side that saw the Ratlings on the opposite side

I had managed to get first turn and my vanguard opted to go through the right side of the table to maybe threaten the Basiliks in a few turns. Which turned out to be a great start by blowing up the first tank, that left a plume of smoke. On the other side not much happend besides destroying one unit of Ratlings.

The Chimeras then made agressive moves out of their pocket to threaten my center and my right flank.


My weak left flank that were hold by my Pathfinders crumpled and now my center got exposed from that side so it was time to bring in the Crisis suits to hopefully take that lone tank out on that flank, but even with so much firepower from the CIB’s they got mostly saved by that Tank Commander. At this point I finally lost my first Broadside after the first took a lot of firepower already that got saved by my first set of drones. Now the second Broadside got aid from a new manta striked batch.
On the right flank though the transporting Chimera got eliminated and after that not much of the jungle fighter types survived also from the Devilfish that flew in to support.
The Enforcer Commander took the other Tank Commander out with a bang (rolled 11 damage on 2 dice and that was just enough)

Then that side became a smoking parking-lot as my Devilfish blew up taking out almost everything around it. While the deepstriking unit came down in the corner to try and remove the Stealthsuits.
Meanwhile the Breachers and the Ethereal made contact with 2 units of Cadians and a Sentinel but it mostly became a stalemate fight.
More of the Cadians came out and engaged the Enforcer Commander. While the Chimera and the Broadside still gazed at each other.

Eventually the Broadside won the staring contest and the Chimera went up in smoke.
And the deepstriking Cadians still didn’t manage to put down the last Stealthsuit but were down 2 men themselves already.
Breachers and Ethereal versus Cadians still going on. While the Enforcer Commander moved out of combat to engage the next tank the Ghostkeel and Coldstar Commander engaged the remaining Cadians that fought the Enforcer. Still not much luck for the Crisis Suits to take down the other tank.

Trying to force a break in the Breacher combat one unit broke of to maybe put a dent into it next turn.
While my Coldstar Commander took a gap to threaten the Basilisks but wived at it. While the Ghostkeel needed to move up past the still clinging on Cadians to threaten the melta tank as the Enforcer Commander was taken out of action. The Crisis Suits with aid of the remaining Stealthsuits at my left flank had cleared out some more Cadians but that pesky tank kept putting the hurt out on that side.

The game ended there and it was a victory for the Astra Militarum as they managed to get more killpoints in the end. Otherwise it was a close battle, but I was getting low on actual fire power to make a real difference on especially the heavier units.

Great game all in all and gave me great insights on how to use this list. Big shout out for Cisse for making it a great game.

Next up a smaller battle report versus Orks!


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