First recon on Astaramis

Commander Hotstrike got his first new assignment. He needed to scout out a suitable place to start a little forward base on the planet of Astaramis. Chaos is invading the planet and the Imperials are really busy to fend them off, so this is a great opportunity to be able to get some of the materials from the Imperium and maybe also influence the fighting a bit so both parties wear themselves out on each other.

Week 1 of the Fate of Konor global campaign.

Though the commanders presence didn’t go unnoticed. His initial forces got sighted by a forward scout squad. And soon reinforcements arrived to battle the forces of the Sa’cea Sept off Astaramis.

Mephiston himself can together with a heavy squad of Dreadnaughts, believing that this would be enough to break the weak T’au forces.

Here are the forces:

### Outrider Detachment +1CP (T’au Empire) [49 PL, 998pts] ###

#### HQ ####
* **Commander [7 PL, 176pts]** 4x Fusion blaster, 2x MV4 Shield Drone
* **Ethereal [3 PL, 50pts]** Honour blade, Hover Drone

#### Troops ####
* **Strike Team [5 PL, 100pts]** DS8 Tactical Support Turret w/ SMS
* **Fire Warrior Shas’ui** Pulse pistol, Pulse rifle
* **9x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Rifle**

#### Elites ####
* **XV25 Stealth Battlesuits [6 PL, 110pts]** Homing beacon
* **2x Stealth Shas’ui w/o support system** 2x Burst cannon
* **Stealth Shas’vre** Burst cannon

* **XV8 Crisis Battlesuits [14 PL, 287pts]** 5x MV1 Gun Drone, MV4 Shield Drone
* **Crisis Shas’ui** 2x Flamer, Fusion blaster
* **Crisis Shas’ui** 2x Flamer, Fusion blaster
* **Crisis Shas’vre** Drone controller, Flamer, Fusion blaster

#### Fast Attack ####
* **Pathfinder Team [8 PL, 166pts]** MB3 Recon Drone, MV31 Pulse Accelerator Drone, MV33 Grav-inhibitor Drone, 2x MV4 Shield Drone
* **6x Pathfinder** 6x Markerlight
* **Pathfinder Shas’ui** Markerlight, Pulse pistol
* **Pathfinder w/ Ion Rifle** Ion rifle
* **2x Pathfinder w/ Rail Rifle** 2x Rail rifle

* **Tactical Drones [2 PL, 38pts]** MV4 Shield Drone, 3x MV7 Marker Drone

* **TX4 Piranhas [4 PL, 71pts]**
* **TX4 Piranha w/ BC** Burst cannon, 2x MV1 Gun Drone

### Total: [49 PL, 998pts] ###



### Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium – Blood Angels) [52 PL, 997pts] ###

#### No Force Org Slot ####
* **Select Chapter**

Blood Angels

#### HQ ####
* **Chief Librarian Mephiston [8 PL, 145pts]** Sanguinary Discipline, Smite
* **Librarian Dreadnought [10 PL, 207pts]** Furioso fist, Heavy flamer, Sanguinary Discipline, Smite

#### Troops ####
* **Scout Squad [6 PL, 71pts]**
* **Scout** Sniper rifle
* **Scout** Sniper rifle
* **Scout** Sniper rifle
* **Scout** Sniper rifle
* **Scout Sergeant** Bolt pistol, Boltgun

#### Elites ####
* **Death Company Dreadnought [11 PL, 232pts]** Blood talons, Heavy flamer, Magna-grapple, Meltagun
* **Dreadnought [7 PL, 136pts]** Twin autocannon, Twin autocannon
* **Furioso Dreadnought [10 PL, 206pts]** Furioso fist (pair), Heavy flamer, Meltagun, Smoke launchers

### Total: [52 PL, 997pts] ###

Created with [BattleScribe](


The T’au forces where huddled up in one spot with the Piranha and Stealth Suits on the other flank. The Crisis Suits still up in the Manta.

While the Blood Angels scouts and the autocannon Dreadnaught were ordered to hold the back line, the combat Dreadnaughts together with Mephiston and the Librarian Dreadnaught.

*My manta hold Crisis Suits on the board next to the playing field.

Initial shooting took only a couple of wounds of the first 2 combat Dreads, and they swiftly moved up on the western flank to engage Commander Hotstrike. His Shield Drone squad did their work just enough to leave him on the field. He needed to fall back within the lines of his forces while the Crisis Suits took position just behind their position to provide support fire.


While taking a more defensive position on the western flank, the forces on the eastern flank moved up aggressively to engage the scouts.


With another round of shooting the Furioso and Death Company Dread both fell apart in heaps of scrapmetal.


Still Mephiston and the Librarian Dread were lurking behind a rocky outcrop, soon able to engage the T’au forces. But the tactics of the Piranha and the Stealth Suits of shooting and pinning the scouts down in combat paid off and they finally got removed from their position.

Now Mephiston and the Librarian Dread came around the corner eager to engage the T’au forces.


The Psychic and Shooting by these two characters devastated the Pathfinders and now they were ready to charge in! Alas they both failed to make it in. Eager to be able to finish them off with another round of shooting the Crisis Suits moved in closer.

And the Gun Drones moved around to be able to shoot the Librarian Dread in the back and also to secure a centre foothold of the battle field (I still needed to get units in his deployment zone besides the Piranha and Stealth Suits). The eastern flank secured they now moved in closer to take the shooting to the autocannon Dread that still held the centre back field of the Blood Angels zone.

A heavy round of shooting took down the Librarian Dreadnaught and made Mephiston rethink his presence on this side of the battle and he left the scene.

Now open to move on the last Dread the whole force moved towards it.

But before the T’au forces were able to take the last Dreadnaught down it shot the Piranha down and shortly afterwards the one surviving drone from it.


Last Dread was shot down and the sector was secured by Commander Hotstrike. Now the T’au will have a little foothold in the Konor Sector from where they can issue some new small campaigns.


— So the game concluded with a battleround 6 wipe out for the Blood Angels. (rolled for continuation in round 5 and got it) Even though I managed to get 4 units with in his deployment zone and with Slay the Warlord I got 5 Victory Points versus his 3 (Killing the Shield drone unit of the Commander, Pathfinders unit and Piranha)


A combat oriented list with missing 2 critical charges was the downfall in the end, I dread to know what Mephiston and the Librarian Dreadnaught could do to my forces in combat. Still a fun game and without to much weird dice rolling like I had previous game. Thank you Freddy for this great game, my first against a Space Marine chapter!

Now time to get my painting on again!

Till next time, Tau’va!



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