Tau progress and first game!

So these past 2 weeks were pretty good for my Tau Empire! I made some good progress on the pathfinders unit and 2 of their drones and I managed to finish my Ethereal on Hover Drone for the painting competition in our local GW store. And I also got my feet wet with my first ever 40k game!

So my progress on my Pathfinders, I did all the basic works needed and started with the first few layers along with work on 2 of the 3 special drones for them (missing enough spare flying stands to mount the 3rd for spraying/painting)

But my HQ choice got finished and with that my first attempt on getting a feel for doing the snow bases and I’m really happy with how that turned out!

I kept his armour and hover drone in with the snow camouflage I want for the whole army, but kept his Honorblade pristine white.

I want to finish my Pathfinders next and get started on the XV25 Stealth Suits. I also bought 3×2 Drones to fit out my units or to be able to set up a lose Tactical drone unit. And the latter will make it possible for me to field an Outrider Detachment in 500 pts.

With that I played my first ever game of 40k (proxying the drones as I didn’t receive them yet with bare bases) and boy did I learn and noticed I need to learn a lot more for 40k! Here are some pictures I shot:

As you can see it was versus Ad mech and after my Piranha got shot to bits by his first turn of shooting I felt very underpowered from that moment on and even though I held on till turn 5 I fell behind on the objectives (1 point per object per turn) pretty soon.

After the battle I did notice that I missed some rules, but overall I need to adept my tactics and movement more to suit the shooting and cover more. But I think I need to adjust the kind of drones also to suit a more synergetic approach. I will have to think about how to approach that.

After all that I did a little game of “goodguys” versus “badguys” as my daughter likes to call it. A battle between Stormcast Eternals led by my daughter Benthe and my Khorne Bloodbound around 750 points each side, with no extra rules for allegiance and stuff..

Needles to say… the “goodguys” won the day!


.. but Khorne does not care from whence the blood flows *evil laughter*

till next update.


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