Finished Greatswords and testmodel for Tau

I had a pretty good week where I managed to lay the last touches on my greatswords moving them off the “still working on pile” and getting a colorscheme testmodel done for my Tau sept.

So I only had to do the last bits of highlights on my Greatswords and it was bugging me that it wasn’t done yet, but so damn close.. So I really sat for it and went for it on one evening, here it is:

005-Finished Greatswords1005-Finished Greatswords2

And now they can move to their position in the cabinet and be taken out for gaming when needed!

Now for my Tau I wanted to do a colorscheme with a snow/ice camouflage while picking out the Sa’cea Sept color orange on the models where needed depending on rank. Not much on this normal pathfinder, but will show more with leaders and higher ranked models. Besides the camouflage I wanted a compliment color for their Bonding Knife Ritual special rule. Pinetrees have a dark green color that does not really take off from the camouflage while still being contrasting. The Cloth is in grey while the gun handles and other armaments and stuffs are in black. Lenses in the Gemstone green and the markerlight lasers in gemstone red

So here is my first model done (I do need to water down the colors a bit more).

Well done… I miss The Fang as color for the skin so his “feet” aren’t done yet just as the base isn’t finished yet.

Colorscheme testmodel1Colorscheme testmodel2


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