New 40k Army for the Steg

I have been contemplating an army for 40k for a while now, but the rule clusters had been preventing me to step in on more then one occasion. No more!!! 8th Edition is coming and looking more like AoS so I finally made the step to join this greater good thing.

Yes that is right! Tau Empire for me. I was eyeballing a little set on the back counter in my shop for a while and even though it is from an expansion where I can’t really use the rules from it was a (modelwise) great starterset for me. Burning Dawn Infiltration Cadre.

So the past 1,5 / 2 weeks I managed to build all the models from this set. Now only to magnetize the bases (for transportation and my way to prime them with spray paint) in the coming days and then I can start painting. Though I will not forget my other projects like my Escalation League (which has died out a bit) where I did manage to get to my 750 point level and started on my goal towards 1000 points in my Free People, so after a long hiatus away from really finishing stuff and posting about it you can see some more posts soon.

So here is my ethereal Aun’do in a few sub assemblies for painting access


My XV25 Stealth Battlesuits where the Shas’vre has his weapon options magnetized, joined by a Marker Drone and a homing beacon


Then my Pathfinders, 2 Rail Rifles and an Ion Rifle joined by a Recon Drone, Grav-inhibitor Drone and Pulse Accelerator Drone, led by a Shas’ui


Supported by a TX4 Piranha also with its weapon option magnetized, I do need a little greenstuff work on this one.


And all of them (with the box)


I hope this still is around 500 points like it was so I have a nice little starting force for 8th Edition.

For the Greater Good!

Progress and other info can be found in the menu on the left now for Tau as well. See you all again next time.


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