Eurobash X

So last weekend it was that time of the year again to go to the annual Eurobash again with my mate Ronald and his brother Harold. So we loaded up the car and were off to St. Niklaas (Belgium) on Friday the 29th of April. Time to play lots of games and drink loads of beer while enjoying each others company. We (the Dutch delegate) played a game of Munchkin while we waited on ze Zgermans and Brexitters.

After everyone arrived it was time for the first shared meal. Where the dishes were being cleared we were still waiting on Finlay to finish up his.


After dinner it was time for a power nap for some after their long drive over, while others started up their first game.

The next day the gaming was in full progress.

Well and painting! Several games were being played: Battles over seas or something, 40k, Frostgrave.

Dinner time! The traditional Spaghetti!

And of course some power nap times as we all aren’t getting any younger after all these years 🙂 Later that evening t was more gaming to be done as it continued in to the next couple of days.

Introduction game in to Age of Sigmar for Juan given by yours truly. Ofcourse more Frostgrave campaign games, some more 40k, Mariokart for X-Wing (and I still call shenanigans by Peter), and some other games were tried out.

The last morning in the hotel to get some good breakfast n before we needed to return home.

Loading the cars up again at the club, only to notice that my car was getting boxed in by a container. So I asked the truck driver what his plan was and he said it would take 5-10 minutes to swap out a full one from a garage box.

But just our luck (and the truck drivers luck) it broke down while standing across the road to pull out the full container. I could still manoeuvre my car out between the empty container and the parked car but the other side of the road was closed of by road works. It took about 1,5 hours and then we (us and the truck driver) arranged a way to get past the road works and we were on our way back home.

Because this was a special edition of the Eurobash we got a nice little cup to remember it by.

Thanks to all that attended and helped organize it! See you all (hopefully) next year!


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