Progress on building / On the paint table

So these last weeks have been busy where possible. As possible as can be during Christmas and New Years and having the kids stay up late and stuff.

I had a great holiday none the less, but it is time to start picking up my hobby in a bit faster pace again. So trying to stay away from gaming more. (looking at you Lego Dimensions!)
So let’s see what I did:

I finished building the last set of Prosecutors from the Start Collecting box and just finished building the whole Battleforce “Sigmars Vengeance” box some models in sub assemblies stuck together with poster stick-it’s (similar to blue tac)


And due to the January edition of White Dwarf and it’s great article on how to stage your painting, on that I sort of was already doing some stuff but I now have an even better structure to it. So I did a little shuffling of my paint process where I moved up the basing at a momentum where I find the models “battleready” with painting. And then I can field them sooner and be able to know exactly what to afterwards to make them better.

So because I was already at that stage I now started with the basing. So added the crystals and added my sand to the bases. Waiting for it to dry completely and then paint it.


As you can see the Knight-Vexillor is up and 2 Retributors (one build over to a Star Soul carrier) from the Start Collecting Set.

I might also have 1 or 2 Battle Reports soon as I did a little Tournament at my GW store (2 games played, 4 players total. Won the first, matched up against the other winner and lost that second game)


3 thoughts on “Progress on building / On the paint table”

  1. Hi!
    I really like your colors. I just started collecting stormhosts and fell for this colors. I now wonder how you make the green? Can’t seem to find it on your blog 🙂

    In the painter guide it’s incubi darkness (which is a purple color) as base, then nuln oil and then drybrushed with hellion green. I think that is too dark, or is it like that you’ve made these?

    Regards from Sweden


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