AoS batrep: 3 Places of Power

So I played 2 more games, 1 game was not battlereport material for a number of reasons. But the latest is. I wanted to try out a Warrior Brotherhood battalion 2k list and Piotr, one of the local players at my GW store, picked up the challenge. Not knowing I was going to deploy the battalion. He used a pretty fluffy list but in the end it was still an entertaining battle. Played 18 december 2016.

Anyway let’s see how Arturo faired, now without his trusted mount.

Consolidating from his last campaign, Arturo needed to set up a defensive perimeter. As master of Defense he commanded his Lord-Castellant Solarius Skygazer to do just that.

Solarius took a few retinues of Liberators and a retinue of Judicators with him together with the Knight-Vexillor, Knight-Venator and Knight-Azyros.

When he arrived at the location however a small but strong force of Skaven emerged.

The Forces: (both just short of the 2k mark at 1960)

Stormcast Eternals “The Borealis” warrior chamber of the “Knights of the Aurora” Stormhost

Order Allegiance
Lord Celestant (100) – in battalion
– General – Artefact : Phoenix Stone – Command Trait : Reckless
Knight Azyros (100) – in battalion
– Artefact : Phoenix Stone
Knight Vexillor (200)
– Pennant of the Stormbringer
Lord Castellant (100)
Knight Venator (120)

Liberators x 5 (100) – Warhammer & Shield – Grandhammers : 1
Liberators x 5 (100) – Warhammer & Shield – Grandhammers : 1
Liberators x 5 (100) – Warhammer & Shield – Grandhammers : 1
Judicators x 5 (160) – Skybolt Bows – Shockbolt Bow : 1
Judicators x 5 (160) – Boltstorm Crossbows – Thunderbolt Crossbow : 1
Paladin Retributors x 5 (220) – Starsoul Mace : 1
Paladin Retributors x 5 (220) – Starsoul Mace : 1
Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers x 3 (100) – Celestial Hammers
Gryph-Hound x 1 (40)

Warrior Brotherhood (140)

WOUNDS: 113 TOTAL POINTS: 1960 / 2000

The Skaven

Thanquol and Boneripper (500)
– General
Plague Priest (80)
Skaven Chieftain with Battle Standard (140)

30 Stormvermin (420)
1 Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team (60)
1 Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team (60)
1 Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team (60)

1 Plagueclaw Catapult (180)
1 Plagueclaw Catapult (180)
1 Plagueclaw Catapult (180)

Foulrain Congregation (100)

TOTAL POINTS: 1960 / 2000


Solarius didn’t have enough men with him to secure all 3 of the key positions against the skaven warhost so he set up his Liberators and Judicators towards the middle and right key positions. While the Knight-Venator was askd to overwatch the 3rd position. Meanwhile the Knight-Vexillor and Knight-Azyros hid behind a tower out of sight.

Solarius knew that if things would get iffy that he could always ask Sigmar for reinforcements. Standing at the ready.


Meanwhile the Skaven had taken their positions.

Taking the initiative, Lord-Castellant Solarius moved up his retinues towards the 2 key positions, closely looking at the 3 towering plagueclaws.


However Eos the Knight-Vexillor didn’t want to chance this meeting solely on the Liberators and Judicators. So he send Scintil, the Knight-Azyros in to meet the Skaven host head on! Dealing some damage as the Knight-Azyros landed. Scintil sensing the Chaos taint on the Skaven unleashed the power of his lantern destroying 2 of the Plagueclaws outright.

Next he brought in the 2 retinues of Retributors and Arturo together with the Judicators with crossbows. They cleared the battlefield within seconds of the remaining plagueclaw and the Plague Priest and Skaven Chieftain. But the Stormvermin proved to be a tough nut to just send sprawling, though badly mauled (almost half the unit gone)

The Prosecutors then landed on the other side to threaten the Poisoned Wind Mortar teams and managed to wound one and engage another.


Shaken by this sudden drop in by the Stormcast, the Skaven then suddenly managed to speed things up (taken 2 turns in a row). Where Thanguol and the remaining Stormvermin cleared up one unit of Retributors and then engaged the Knight-Azyros, Lord-Celestant and the Judicators.


They proved no match for the Skaven blades and only Scintil the Knight-Azyros managed to fly off badly wounded.
Though the Skaven managed to get the upper hand on the attacking part of the Stormcast force, it was the defenders that took up positions on the 2 key positions (with the Castellant on the middle and the Knight-Vexillor on the right) and the Knight-Venator took his claim on the third (left) key position. Where he used his Star-Fated arrow on Thanquol, it hit and wounded him but the armour proved to thick (made a 5+ save, and that s now 8 out of 8 time the damn thing didn’t do any damage)

Thanguol now really mad sent his remaining Stormvermin after the Prosecutors that cleared up the remaining Poisoned Wind Mortar. While he himself would take care of the Defending force after obliterating the other unit of Retributors with Bonerippers Warpfire Projectors.

Sending another unit of Liberators back to Azyr he could not manage to break the defensive line and when seeing his last Stormvermin being shot down one by one by the Prosecutors and the Knight-Venator he fled the field by one of his created Gnawholes.


Lord-Castellant Solarius could now reinforce his positions and no new force would soon bypass his defenses.


This game was not evenly matched and his battalion never took part. But he had a really valiant comeback due to the double turn, but me claiming the objectives soon and holding them there was no chance he could win the scenario any more with only Thanquol. It was a nice little test for this formation for me, but next time I’ll play a fluffy list versus my opponent Piotr or talk beforehand to play a competitive game.


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