Storm the Walls

The Story so far.

After consolidating the Pinnacle together with the Seraphon, the next task “Arturo Boreas” was send on to investigate a nearby Stronghold. Tales were told of a Duardin lord gone crazy. It was “Arturo’s” task to see if this Stronghold would be a danger if left unchecked in his rear during his campaign.

The Forces (around 60 wounds):

Tainted Duardin:

a Duardin Lord (Belegar Ironhammer rules)
10 Ironbreakers
16 Duardin Warriors
a Gyrobomber
4 Stormfiends (in magical disguise looking like steampowered armoured Duardin)

Knights of the Aurora:

Lord-Celestant on Dracoth
5 Liberators (Prime – Warhammer+Shield)
5 Liberators (Prime – Warhammer+Shield)
3 Retributors (Prime)
3 Prosecutor’s (Prime – Paired Hammers)


So he send out the Prosecutors under the leadership of his Knight-Azyros “Scintil Obscurea” joined by Knight-Venator “Welkin Burnish”. Upon reaching the Stronghold they could already feel the taint of Chaos eminating from the walls. Something influenced these noble Duardin and it had to be found!

20160109 Storm the Walls1

**My forces waiting in the “ahum” celestial realm**

20160109 Storm the Walls320160109 Storm the Walls4


Coming closer to the walls the Duardin launched the offensive by deploying their Gyrobomber towards the Knight-Venator. This was the queue for the Thunderstrike Brotherhood to come crashing down near the spot that Scintil was pointing the way too. A unit of Liberators, supported by the Retributors, Lord-Relictor “Amortea Luminu” and Arturo him self appeared near the south walls of the Stronghold.

There they engaged the Duardin warriors at the walls. The Liberators and Retributors aided by “Arturo” dispatched the warriors without to much hassle, but the Ironbreakers proved to be a bit more resilient.

Meanwhile “Welkin” took 2 rounds of shooting and moving out of the way of the Gyrobomber to take it down burning.

20160109 Storm the Walls2

Seeing his south wall being captured, the Duardin Lord called for his Steampowered Duardin. They came from underground and soon moved against the Retributor’s. Here “Arturo” noticed the biggest presence of the Chaos taint. Unfortunately the Retributor’s had no answer for the flamethrower and the combat powers of the Steampowered Duardin and went up in flashes of light to be reforged in Azyr.

“Scintil” noticed that the battle was going to be grim now and called out for another unit of Liberators near him to take the battle on two fronts. Engaging the Ironbreakers and the Duardin Lord on the main Gate entrance.

“Welkin” still ways out took a chance and tried to hit the Duardin Lord with his Star-fated Arrow but it did minimal damage.

In a combined effort, after “Scintil” released the Light of Sigmar from his Lantern, “Arturo’s” forces were able to get most of the Ironbreakers and Steampowered Duardin down. But then, due to it’s new found powers the Duardin Lord summoned a unit of daemons (ed. 9 Duardin warriors) in hopes to turn the tide. But it was too late and the last forces where quickly dispatched and the Duardin Lord conceded his Stronghold.

Story continued…

So now that this Stronghold would pose no more thread, Arturo could now look forward to expand his beachhead position.


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